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    It started along the journeys of Frank Waln and the Sampson Bros, where after performances they would proclaim that they "Healed it" rather than "Killed it".   A simple yet impactful notion to the fact that our people came from incredible healers and caretakers of this land which resonated in Lumhe's mind and he believes it should be reclaimed in such a way that our every effort, thought and action is done in a positive state of mind-- just like our ancestors. 

    These T-shirts were a collaboration of ideas from Frank and the Sampson Bros and contain the "#healit" design , which they would encourage each of us to embody and echo with our arts and through social networks and any/every avenue to help create a tidal wave of undeniable good, reaching into both digital and physical worlds.   As mentioned by one of the brothers, "Art isn't always what we think of it...  Whatever one can hone and master becomes an art.  -Anything worth doing takes time, effort, and passion.  All of these come from your heart. We believe everyone has a purpose and a way to heal.

Indigenous way of life.  Healing.  From All Directions.  We all have ART in our HEARTS."

Bare this message in recognition of the healing power we each possess.  With your art, you create massive amounts of vibes for the world to resonate with and obtain healing from.
 No matter what “it” is...
>>===  #healit   ===>